Dragon Con is a unique convention that gives a showcase for some of the most creative people, artists, writers, and companies in the country. To add to this event, we offer The Armory, a collection of weapons and equipment from the Paleolithic to the most modern. Specimens on display range from an obsidian knife to a replica nuclear bomb, ancient flint arrowheads to an EMP device.
Racks and cases of pistols, grenades, rifles, shotguns, mines, explosives, machine guns, armor, submachine guns, and antitank weapons share the walls and tables with bows, crossbows, swords, knives, spears, and exotic hardware.
This is the real thing, and it is only seen at Dragon Con.

The idea for The Armory came about from a chance meeting between Hank Reinhardt and Kevin Dockery at Dragon Con several years back. Hank Reinhardt is well known in the community as an expert with edged weapons of all types as well as a historian and collector of swords. Kevin Dockery has written extensively on arms of all types but particularly on modern weapons. Between these two experts came the idea to put up a display of modern and antique weapons and make it available to the attendees at Dragon Con.
With the passing of Hank Reinhardt, the loss to the Dragon Con community as well as those who love history was great. The edged weapons displays at The Armory have been done to honor Hank and his legacy. They are an excellent way to respect the man and his contributions to saving history. The modern and historical firearms are Kevin Dockery’s input to the displays as well as are his presentations on the history of different eras and types of hardware.
The Armory is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for attendees at Dragon Con to see up close items from books, movies, television, and games that they might never otherwise have. This is an exceptional opportunity for attendees, artists, writers, game designers, and producers of television and films to see items of interest. They can then add this knowledge to their own creations. The security staff at The Armory, a number of which who are constantly available in the display room, are able to answer many questions about the items on display, and if they can’t answer a question directly, they will find someone who can.

Well received at its debut at Dragon Con 2010, The Armory is now expanded further since that first show. Displays are of museum-quality and set up for photography. Explanatory placards describe the specimens and their significance and will be available in a bound publication at the show. Manufacturers and private collectors have offered to show to the Dragon Con attendees their line of wares and prize pieces. The Armory is a professional resource, whether you are an artist, author, actor, or technician you can handle, photograph, and gain first-hand knowledge of a wide range of weapons. See how to really hold an AK47 or defuse a pocket nuke. Special times are scheduled to give pros of all types hands on access.

Last year’s lectures were standing-room only for almost the entire run of Dragon Con. This year, the presentations are even more extensive and have been moved into a larger room more convenient to the display area. Manufacturers and sponsors of The Armory at Dragon Con have been invited to explain their materials in their own presentations.