Because of the nature of the specimens on display at The Armory, security is paramount. The Armory security staff (Red Shirts) are in constant attendance of the display room 24-hours a day. This security includes uniformed members of the Atlanta Police Department also in constant attendance of the displays. In general, specimens on display are not to be touched by the attendees. While on display, any items may be photographed, any further actions have to be requested of the security staff.

Absolutely no weapons or tactical gear worn by attendees will be allowed in the room at any time during the convention. If there is any question about a specific costume item, assume it cannot come into the display room. It doesn’t matter if the items are secured to a holster or sheath, is obviously fake, or anything else; it will not be allowed in the display room. Convention attendees are responsible for securing their own materials. Any restricted items must be removed prior to entering The Armory, anyone carrying an item that cannot be removed will be turned away.

This rule is especially true for ammunition, of any kind, live, fired, or fake – it will absolutely not be allowed into the room period.

For information regarding the general costume rules for armaments of all kinds at Dragon Con, we recommend you carefully read and abide by the Convention Policies.